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Unbranded Search and Your First Impression

In a sneaky way, Google built a mystique around running ads to people who are searching for your services and created the Era of Cheap Leads from about 2002-2022. It basically became “The Internet taking the place of the Yellow Pages,” but the difference was the level of complication in a time when most of us didn’t yet understand much about the Internet.

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How Many People Have you Told About Your Business Today? (The Farm Analogy)

Once upon a time, you bought a franchise and you had some territory that was all your own and it was time to find your customers. The go-to method for a lot of people is to harness the power of Google to advertise your service in your area. But as we’ve talked about before, we are starting to question whether or not this process is still profitable. Let’s get some perspective on the difference between advertising and marketing. Let’s use the analogy of a farm.

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The Era of Cheap Leads

Spending money for leads that don’t become customers is a really expensive form of marketing. You are competing for leads and having to bid real dollars, that are in most cases directly off your bottom line, in order to try and convert a lead into a real customer. 

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