Are You Ready to Hear the Truth about Digital Marketing?

You are probably paying Google unnecessarily for Brand Awareness you could already take advantage of. Let that sink in. ...

Here is a quick list of true things about digital marketing today. How many of them do you identify with?

Pay Per Click is not getting any cheaper. Do you have a grip on how much you pay in cost per job that gives you revenue? Are you running PPC profitably? Or are you just ignoring the cost and hoping for the best?

To come out on top, you must focus your attention on marketing right now. Demand is down, competition is up, and the opportunity in front of you is to let your competition go out of business by letting them all compete for expensive leads while you use a different strategy.

The era of cheap leads is over. How do we know? We talk with business owners every day who all say the same thing. Across the nation and across home service brands, we are seeing 2x, 3x, 4x, all the way to 7x the cost per lead. 

The unspoken truth is that PPC does not generate demand.  It skims the surface of demand to try to help you rake in demand that already exists by helping you communicate with people who are searching for your kind of service. The unbranded searches are the most expensive. The branded searches where you are running PPC ads against your own Brand Name are one of the best opportunities you have to get rid of wasted spend.

We believed the Internet would let us cheat the system. Ever since Google and Steve Jobs handed us the convenience of searching anything we can think of from the palm of our hands, we’ve abandoned age-old rock solid methods of building a successful business for the long haul. One example is the importance of investing in Brand Awareness.

You should not necessarily abandon PPC. It should be considered in the context of a more wholistic marketing strategy. What is your marketing mix?

Your PPC vendor does not tell you some of the most important stuff. It’s in their best interest for you to spend more. They give you advice that makes their numbers look better. You feel it in your wallet and they feel it in theirs too. For example, what is the performance of each keyword by cost of the keyword?

You have homework to do, because there is “Smoke and mirrors” keeping reality from you. The most grueling part of the process of knowing the value of your marketing is to determine whether or not you got revenue from the marketing. How do you determine the value?

You are probably paying Google unnecessarily for Brand Awareness you could already take advantage of. Let that sink in. Here is what you can do about it.

If you begin to invest in Brand Awareness, your chances of coming out ahead of your competition will go up. You can eventually shift your ad spend to have a much better overall cost per lead and cost per job.