How to Review Your Branded Search

Your PPC Vendor may be spending money on your brand name that they should stop, because it is an advantage to them and a needless expense for you....

You can monitor your progress in Branded Search. First, let’s make sure that your PPC vendor takes your branded search into consideration.

Step 2. Contact your PPC vendor and ask for a keyword report. This means that they will show you what keywords they are bidding on for you. They may be reluctant, but they work for you. The keyword report should show you how much you are bidding and spending on an individual keyword like “Appliance repair” or “Electrician near me.”

There are but a FEW keywords that matter in each industry. PPC vendors will tell you that they work hard to juggle 30,000 keywords for you and that they do all the hard work for you on that front. It’s typically not that relevant because only a few keywords are searched in any appreciable amount for most industries.

Step 3. Review the keywords that utilize your actual Brand Name. Once you have been using a Brand Awareness Program for a few months, your Brand is out there in a way that people in your area will search more and more for you by your brand name. When a prospective customer does this, they are LOOKING for you BY NAME! That means, you can stop running expensive ADS against your own name, because when they search for you by name, you show up at the top of the page and they can just go to your profile, website, or call you directly without you having them click on one of your Sponsored ads.

If you are still running Sponsored Ads against your own name, you are most likely NEEDLESSLY spending money where a customer clicks on your ad that spends your money, where instead they could/would have clicked a link that was direct that was FREE.

Your PPC vendor will NOT want to stop running ads against your brand name, and that is because those ads are cheaper bids and help to drive down the overall Cost Per Lead that they report to you. But make sure they eliminate Branded keywords for you in most cases. This will save you money and there will be more organic leads that are NOT dependent on PPC.

Step 4. Look at your Brand search performance on your Google Business Profile and review the position of your Branded search. Over time, your Brand will rise towards the top, and as that happens, it means that people are searching for your brand name more and more and you are becoming KNOWN in your territory! Hallelujah! Because when you are known, you don’t need to spend money on sponsored ads for your brand name. The clicks on sponsored ads to your brand name mean you are spending money needlessly.