How to Transition Away from Dependence on PPC

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Good News! It is possible to smartly allocate your marketing spend over the next year that will protect your business from wasting a LOT of your precious marketing dollars.

You have tried a few different PPC vendors, but the audience is the always the same. Meaning you’re ads appear to folks in your territory that are searching right now for your solution, but that’s as far as it goes unless you do a little bit of GDN. The price of keywords has risen a lot, and here are a few of the reasons:

  • Your competition bids up the keywords
  • Google is raising its prices
  • Demand is down

We can no longer build or even maintain our business with marketing being solely an effort in PPC.

Step 1. Take a portion of your marketing spend and move it to the Brand Awareness Program. It is very likely that some of the monies used in PPC campaigns can be used for this purpose, as vendors such as (Google Ads, LocalIQ, Angi, elocal, thumbtack, LSAs, etc) have portions of ad spend that are inefficient and maybe even extremely inefficient. Some of the money you are already spending can be moved to a different part of your overall marketing strategy.

Once you have a Brand Awareness Program running, you let it run for a few months. It’s like a Slow Train Coming (reference Bob Dylan) and the train has to get going before it has momentum. But after a little while, then you can take the next steps.

Meanwhile, take a snapshot of your keyword performance so that you can remember where you started.