Common Terms of Digital Marketing

A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

impressions (brand exposures)

An impression means someone saw your ad.  Another way of thinking of an impression is as a brand exposure.  You want lots of exposure over time to have a wide effect to reach your target audience.  

This will undoubtedly be the highest number amongst all the statistics you see on the dashboard. The big idea is that someone on Facebook or Instagram was surfing and then your ad came up while they were scrolling. Their eyeballs saw your brand at a minimum. Impressions typically add up to be MORE than the number of unique people because one individual can see your ad more than once during a given time period. You might notice that impressions per person is 2 or more times that amount of unique individuals.  This just means you are being seen more than once, and this is a good thing.

Unique Individuals

This is the number of people in your target audience who saw your ads.   

Impressions are usually higher because a unique individual can sometimes see your ads more than once.  Remember, there are at least two different ads running as a part of the service.  So most people will get a couple of different looks between the billboard ad and the video ad.

Cost per click (CPC)

With HyperLCL marketing, what CPC means is that at a minimum, you peaked someone’s curiosity enough to check out your BRAND and click through to your link. Remember, the goal here is to live rent free in the minds of your current and future customers. You want to be the brand people know. Now, these clicks go to one of your web properties and to the degree that individual needs your service or product right now you have a chance to book business right there. It is up to your web property to convert that customer. But CPC in this case means how much it costs to have a person visit your web property.  


CPM stands for Cost Per Mille which means the cost per one thousand.  The cost per thousand is a marketing phrase used to indicate the cost of one thousand ad impressions on a web page. Think of CPM online as compared to sending postcards.  If you were to mail 1000 postcards, you could estimate that you got at least 1000 impressions. The cost of sending 1000 postcards would be your CPM.

Total clicks

There are two click measurements with HyperLCL:  Total Clicks and Clicks to Website. Total Clicks includes both clicks to your website as well as clicks to your Facebook Page. Both indicate peaked curiosity and Brand Building and both are valuable in terms of the overall goal. It is a good strategy to make both your Facebook Page and your website into a place that attracts people to your overall goal. For example of your goal is booking appointments, make that clear on both locations to get the most out of the ad.

Clicks to website

There are two click measurements with HyperLCL:  Total Clicks and Clicks to Website. Because the ads we run are connected to your Facebook Page for your business, and this is a non-negotiable part of running ads on Facebook.  However, you get to choose a website link that your clicks go to.  So, when a user clicks on the link in your ad, it takes them to your website.  “Clicks to Website” is a measure of how many people clicked on the link in your ad as opposed to going to your Facebook Page.