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Brand Awareness Campaigns

Be the Local Brand that People Know

The affordable mass communication strategy for franchises.

Benefits of HyperLCL

Prospective Customer Journey

What your audience experiences online as they cruise the Web...


Reinforce Your Presence and Build Trust

Why HyperLCL?

Your marketing strategy is essentially a funnel.  Where your marketing funnel starts will often determine the number of leads and jobs you are able to acquire.

If you are counting on PPC ads, then you are only marketing to the people who have a need right now. This means that you have a large portion of your market that has no idea that your business even exists.

The Struggle

When you rely on PPC, and someone searches for your category of business, you are competing with everyone else that appears on the search page in Google.

By promoting Brand Awareness in your territory,
you can reshape your market's search behaviors.

By placing yourself front and center, you raise awareness for your brand. Over time, you will have a new search behavior in your territory that puts you at a great advantage.

The Goal

But, when people search for you by name because your business is the brand they already KNOW, it’s a whole different story. 

The Purpose

We introduce you at the top of the marketing funnel. In time, your brand will be the one your city recognizes.

Own Your City

Get Monthly Updates of your Progress

These results are merely an example with approximations based on a number of factors. They do not necessarily reflect what you can expect.

Deploy a Strategy of Engagement

Tasteful Consistency and Presence with your Target Audience

Be the brand everyone in your territory KNOWS.

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