HyperLCL Support

How to Access Your Account

Click on the “Dashboard” link above in the top of the website.

You may decide to adjust your focus and your strategy by changing the amount of monthly ad spend for your business. When you change your ad spend, it will take effect at the start of the next billing cycle. Fill out this form and we will notify you when the request is completed. 

To update your payment method:
Please contact the office at 321-320-7179 or send an email to accounts@hyperLCL.com requesting a phone call.

Business Hours are Monday to Friday 8am-5pm Eastern

Your invoice will have multiple items depending on the services you select.  
For the Brand Awareness Product, HyperLCL has two items on the invoice for your subscription:  1) The Service and 2) Ad Spend.  
The HyperLCL Service provides the following for a monthly service charge:
  • Media Creation – A new tech tips video each month, along with unique Billboard ads for each area of your territory every month.
  • Campaign Management – We build and maintain your new campaigns each month for all your audiences.
  • Software – Dashboard you login to see your Brand Awareness updates.  We also report through email.
  • Landing Page – A way to begin collecting some leads of folks impacted by the Brand Awareness that you can communicate with and track in the HyperLCL Portal.
The HyperLCL service is like buying a Corvette, and the Corvette runs on Facebook Ad Spend. 
HyperLCL invoices for the Ad Spend level of your choice and we pass it through to Facebook. Facebook lets us run your ads according to the amount of Ad Spend your choose. 
  • Ad Spend is in addition to the service.
  • You have control of the ad spend amount set run at the beginning of each month. We will provide you with a suggested range.
  • The amount of monthly Ad Spend directly determines the level of Brand Awareness HyperLCL can provide to your territory.
  • Once we collect Ad Spend, there are no refunds or changes that can be made. Any changes will be reflected at the next billing cycle.
  1. Go to app.hyperlcl.com on your computer (mobile device not recommended).
  2. Click the “Forgot Password” button on the login screen.
  3. You will receive an email with instructions to set your new password.
  4. Go back to app.hyperlcl.com.
  5. Login using your new password.