Why Brand Awareness?

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are getting a lot more expensive. 

Home Service Businesses use PPC because prospective customers do not know who to call, so they perform unbranded searches for general keywords on Google. Owners learned to depend on paid lead generation because it worked well for a long time. Paid lead generation has become less profitable, and in many markets now lead gen has become unprofitable.

“Just put another coin in the juke box, and you will get another customer.”

– Your Vendor

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Marketing strategies for home services over the last decade have gotten away from the sheer power of something like a song everyone simply remembers.

Increasing competition, higher cost per lead, and lower conversion rates have made owners begin to look for other marketing options.

If you are counting on PPC ads to find your customers, then you are only marketing to the 3% of people who have a need right now. This means that you have a large portion of your market that has no idea that your business even exists. Let’s talk more about it.

The Challenge

Google Search as your First Impression

When you rely on PPC, and someone searches for your category of business, you are competing with everyone else that appears on the search page in Google. We call it “Unbranded Search.”

Unbranded Search is what we’ve all been paying for.  

The price has gone up, and we NEED to adjust our strategy to get our cost per job down to a reasonable level again.

By promoting Brand Awareness in your territory,
you can reshape your market's search behaviors.

By placing yourself front and center, you raise awareness for your brand. Over time, you will have a new search behavior in your territory that puts you at a great advantage.

Imagine HyperLCL.

The Affordable Brand Awareness Strategy

The Goal

When people know your brand, they search for you BY NAME.  Hyperlocal Marketing is te affordable option to consider to make this happen.

We dramatically lower the cost of acquisition over time and fortify your business against your  competition.

Think of brand aware searches as the next closest thing to repeat customers in terms of marketing cost.

The Process

HyperLCL introduces you at the top of the marketing funnel. In time, your brand will be the one your city recognizes.

Own Your City

Get Monthly Updates of your Progress

These results are merely an example with approximations based on a number of factors. They do not necessarily reflect what you can expect.

Be the brand everyone in your territory KNOWS.

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